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Guided Metitation

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The Program


Our objective is to get Veterans involved in programs that will help them to deal with stress while giving them a newfound sense of purpose.  VO2 meets every Friday at 7 – 8 pm at Devil Dogg CrossFit.  These meetings begin with a short workout that incorporates metabolic conditioning, weightlifting, and calisthenics.  Special consideration is observed when dealing with Veterans and exercise, meaning we can scale the workout to any ability and activity level.


Following the workout we have a Mindfulness Meeting lead by Life Coach Cora Hoffmann.   In these meetings, we work on mindfulness concepts and techniques as they relate to symptoms of PTSD.   These meetings give Veterans the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings in a safe environment surrounded by fellow Veterans that can relate to their experience.


After the Mindfulness Meeting, we take a few minutes to wind down by doing a few yoga poses.  This allows us to loosen up and become aware of how our body and mind are feeling right now in this very moment.  At this point Veterans can choose to participate in a guided meditation session led by Cora or can work with our massage therapist Niesa Parmelee.  The meditation session will focus on relaxing the body and mind through deep breathing and visualization techniques.  During massage therapy or touch therapy the Veteran will get some 1 on 1 time which they can focus on healing any injuries or tightness that is causing them discomfort.


We will conclude the meeting with some fellowship and a healthy mindful snack.  This is a time when we like to “Shoot the Shit” and talk about pretty much anything we have going on in our lives.  This is a great time to reach out to a fellow Veteran over an issue that was touched upon in the meeting.  This is our comradery.   This is our fellowship.  This is what makes this a support group.  Knowing that anyone of us would be there for another and always have each other’s back! 


Along with attending meetings Veterans are encouraged to work out on a regular basis in order to battle the day to day stress of life.  We have chosen CrossFit as our strength and conditioning program.  CrossFit encompasses all types of fitness avenues ranging from strength to endurance.  We want our Veterans to pick an event, train for it, and complete it.  This will be known as a Mission Accomplishment.  Veterans will be awarded for the number of Mission Accomplishments they earn.  Just like medals or badges.  We will work with our Veteran to condition him or her to train for an event of their choosing.  These can be Olympic Weightlifting or PowerLifting Meets, Obstacle Course Racing, CrossFit Competition, 5 K’s, 10 K’s, a hike or a climb.  The sky is the limits.  We believe that there are NO Obstacles our Veterans cannot Overcome.


Along with physical training, events, and support group meetings, VO2 has elected to do one charity event a month as a way to give back to the community.   We believe that we are fortunate and thankful to be alive and want to do anything we can to help others.  


If you are a Veteran struggling with PTSD, interested in being involved in our program, are a charity that would like VO2 to help for an event, or you would like to donate, please contact Chris Carter at (719) 468-0694 or ccarterdevildogg@gmail.com or Cora Hoffman at (719) 696-0024 or corabhughes@gmail.com